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Vijay Tv Super Singer Vote

Vijay Tv Super Singer Vote

A brand new season of Super Singer Vote has arrived, featuring a talented group of young contestants competing for the coveted title. The popular singing reality show, Super Singer, is back with its highly anticipated ninth season.

Show premiered on Jan 23rd. This can be one in every of the foremost common reality shows of Tamil tv Star vijay. The channel has already uploaded promo videos on its official page super singer voting senior.

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Vijay TV Super Singer Voting

These are the top 20 Vijay tv Super singer season 9 contestants. Judges said this season competition will be tough among these super singer vote contestants.

Here is the revised text:

– Lakshmi

– Yazhini

– Karthik

– Sneha

– Sashank

– Prasanna

– Priya Padmanabhan

– Priya Jerson

– Pooja

– Nishchitha


-Gowri Sankar


-Dinesh Kumar




-Aparna Narayanan

-Anantha Gopan

-Keshav Ram

Vijay TV Super Singer Voting Leaderboard

The current episode of Super Singer 9 features a Folk round for all the contestants. Each participant is paired with a senior singer to perform together. Unlike previous weeks, there will be no elimination through voting in this episode. However, so far, six contestants have already been eliminated by the judges.

Voting Process for Super Singer on Vijay TV

Step 1 of the voting process for Super Singer is to search on Google and log in to your account using either “Super Singer Vote” or “Super Singer 7 Vote”. Step 2 involves viewing the nominated contestants displayed in the Google search results. If you are not already signed in, proceed with step 3 by signing in to your Gmail account. In step 4, select the contestant you wish to vote for and save them from eviction. Finally, complete step 5 by casting your super singer vote and submitting it.

Voting Schedule and Highlights of Vijay TV Super Singer

TV Show: Super Singer

Season: 9

Language: Tamil

Channel: Star Vijay

Schedule: Weekends from 8pm to 9.30 pm

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Vijay TV Super Singer Vote 9 Panel of Judges

The current season of Vijay TV Super Singer Vote features a distinguished panel of judges including renowned musician P. Unnikrishnan, popular singer Anuradha Sriram, well-known playback singer Benny Dayal, and the talented Shweta Mohan.

The Vijay TV Super Singer Vote aims to discover the most talented voices, providing a platform for lesser-known singers to showcase their skills. Through public voting, these aspiring artists are given recognition and an opportunity to shine in the entertainment industry. Many of the participants from this show have now found success in the Indian film industry thanks to the support they received through Super Singer voting.

To participate in the voting process for Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil and view the final results, follow these instructions.

Vote for Super Singer Season 9 on Vijay TV

To enhance the voting process of Vijay TV Super Singer, popular music director Anirudh will be making an appearance on the show. Additionally, there is a chance for the winner to collaborate with Anirudh as a music director.

Super Singer 9 will premiere From Jan 23rd, 8 pm onward. The vijay tv super singer show will be telecast-ed every Saturday and Sunday 8 pm. You can vote your favorite singer until Friday goggle search ” super singer vote “.

Voting for Vijay TV Super Singer Season 7

Priyanka Deshpande and Ma ka pa Anand served as the hosts for the well-known Vijay TV Super Singer reality show. To find out all the voting details for this show, make sure to check them out. The audience had the power to eliminate contestants from Season 9 of Super Singer through Google voting.

The seventh season of the vijay tv super singer vote show was hit by public vote. The judges of the famous Singing television reality show Super Singer Season 9 vote was P. Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Sriram, Shweta Mohan and Benny Dayal.

Winner of Super Singer Junior 6

Hritik emerged as the winner of Super Singer Junior 6, earning a grand prize of 50 lakhs in the form of a house. Soorya secured the runner-up position and received an impressive reward of 25 lakhs worth of jewels. Poovaiyar came in third place, taking home a generous cash prize of 10 lakhs.

Vijay TV Super Singer Vote – Junior Finalists

The finals of Super Singer Vote Junior 6 have concluded, marking the end of a challenging competition to secure a spot in the finals. The following talented individuals emerged as finalists and are now vying for the title of Super Singer Junior 6 winner.

Hritik, Anushya, Poovaiyar, Soorya, Ahana, and Sinmaye are the contestants who have participated in the Vijay TV Super Singer competition.

The Vijay TV Super Singer Vote was a popular singing reality show in the Tamil language, broadcasted on Star Vijay. The sixth season of this television vote-based competition recently concluded with a grand finale. Since its inception in November, the Super Singer has successfully completed six seasons. Here are all the relevant details regarding voting for Super Singer 7.

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Promotional advertisements have been released for the voting process of Nippon Paint Super Singer Junior 6. These commercials aim to encourage viewers to participate in the voting and support their favorite contestants.

Winners of the Super Singer in Different Seasons

The Vijay TV Super Singer show has showcased a diverse range of talented singers such as Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi, and Preethika through the use of the Super Singer vote.

In addition to the winners of the super singer title, talented individuals from all seasons are making a significant impact in the music industry through the voting process.

The most acclaimed singing reality show in Tamil is vijay tv super singer , now larger and higher. When a quick hiatus, Vijay TV has proclaimed the launch of the sixth Season of Super Singer vote.

The show are telecast-ed each Saturday and Sunday 8pm. Eviction is based on public vote opinion.

Super singer 3,4,5 season Winners

The winners of previous seasons of Vijay TV Super Singer, including Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi, and Preethika, were chosen based on votes. These talented individuals have achieved great success in their musical careers as a result of their participation in the show.

They are not only achieving success in the field of film music, but they have also gained popularity by creating their own versions of popular songs that became viral on the internet.

The most talented singers were selected from various cities and countries through the Super Singer Vote conducted by Vijay TV.

Vijay TV Super Singer 9 Finalists

Balaji Sri,

Adithya Krishna,

Aravind Karneeswaran,

Bharat Rajesh,

Jacqueline Mary,

Puratchi Mani,

Gaana Sudhakar and Muthu Sirpi.

The winner of Super Singer on Vijay TV is who?

The Grand Finale of Vijay TV Super Singer Vote took place recently, where the top contestants showcased their singing talent. It was an exciting event filled with amazing performances and tough competition. The audience had the opportunity to vote for their favorite singers and help determine the winner.

Super Singer is a popular reality show on Vijay TV that aims to find the best singing talent in Tamil Nadu. Throughout the season, aspiring singers from different backgrounds participate in auditions and compete against each other through various rounds. They are judged by a panel of experts who provide valuable feedback and guidance to help them improve their skills.

In order to make it to the Grand Finale, contestants have to impress both judges and viewers with their exceptional singing abilities. Viewers play a crucial role by voting for their favorite participants using various methods like SMS or online platforms. These votes contribute towards determining who will ultimately be crowned as the winner of Super Singer.

The finalists of Vijay Super Singer are who?

The top five contestants who have made it to the finals of Super Singer 9 are Abhijith Anilkumar, Aruna Sivaya, Pooja Venkatraman, Priya Jerson, and Prasanna Adhisesha. Among them, Prasanna Adhisesha secured his place in the finals through the wildcard round. These talented singers have showcased their exceptional skills throughout the competition and have won over the hearts of both judges and viewers alike.

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The champion of MAA TV Super Singer 7

Vikram, another talented contestant from the Anuradha and Unnikrishnan team, secured the first runner-up position in this season of Super Singer. For his remarkable performances throughout the competition, he was honored with 2.5 million worth gold by Gold one.

Super Singer is a popular reality show on Vijay TV where aspiring singers showcase their vocal abilities to win the title. The contestants are divided into teams led by renowned playback singers who mentor them throughout their journey on the show. Each week they perform various genres of songs in front of judges and viewers who then vote for their favorite contestants.

The champion of Vijay Super Singer Junior?

Super Singer Junior 9 kicked off with a series of intense auditions, where hundreds of talented young singers showcased their skills in hopes of making it to the main competition. After careful consideration and evaluation, the judges short-listed 20 exceptional contestants who would go on to compete for the coveted title.

Finally, after months of hard work and dedication, the much-anticipated grand finale arrived. Telecast live on Vijay Television and Disney+ Hotstar from 3 pm to 8 pm, this spectacular event brought together fans from all over India to witness an extraordinary display of talent. The finalists gave it their all as they delivered breathtaking performances that left both the audience and judges in awe.

The victor of Super Singer Junior 9 Vijay

Harshini Nethra and Akshara Lakshmi secured their positions as the first and second runner-ups respectively in this highly competitive singing reality show. Their outstanding talent and dedication were recognized by both the judges and viewers alike. Although they may not have claimed the top spot, their journey on Super Singer Junior 9 has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the hearts of many music enthusiasts across India.

Overall, Super Singer Junior 9 proved to be an unforgettable experience for all involved – contestants, judges, hosts, and viewers alike. It showcased the immense talent and passion for music that exists among young singers in India. The journey of Shreenitha, Harshini Nethra, and Akshara Lakshmi has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Indian music scene, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams in the world of singing.

The victor of Vijay Super Singer 2 is?

The highly anticipated Grand Finale of the Vijay TV Super Singer competition took place on 3 June 2009 at YMCA Royapettah in Chennai. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as the top contestants showcased their exceptional singing talents.

Amongst the talented finalists, it was Ajeesh who emerged victorious, capturing the hearts of both the judges and audience with his mesmerizing performance. His soulful voice and impeccable control over his vocals set him apart from the rest, ultimately leading to his well-deserved win.