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Superstar Singer 2 Champion

Winner Of Superstar Singer 2

The champion of Superstar Singer 2 is Mohammad Faiz, who won the title alongside Arunita Kanjilal.

Superstar Singer 2 Winner: Mohammad Faiz from Arunita Kanjilal’s team win the show with flying colours. The 14-year-old from Jodhpur was competing against Mani from Dharamkot, Pranjal Biswas from West Bengal, Sayisha Gupta from Mohali, Aryananda R Babu and Rituraj from Kerala. After giving a tough competition to the finalist, Mohammad Faiz was crowned as the Singing Ka Kal in Sony Entertainment Television’s Superstar Singer 2. The show was judged by Himesh Reshammiya , Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali.

Superstar Singer 2: Who Emerges as the Winner?

The finale of Superstar Singer 2 was a spectacular event that showcased the incredible talent of young singers from India. After much anticipation, Mohammad Faiz from Jodhpur emerged as the winner and proudly lifted the coveted trophy.

Aptly titled as the ‘Future Voice of Romance’ by Akshay Kumar and other B-town celebrities, Mohammad Faiz brought alive his passion for music on stage through his mesmerizing performances. With his first performance on the song ‘Khamoshiyan’ in the audition round, 14-year-old Faiz found a special place in the hearts of the judges and audience alike. From there on there was no looking back for Faiz has he wowed the judges, audience and all the celebrity guest with his magical voice. He was given the title of ‘India’s young singing sensation’ by judge Himesh Reshammiya who also gave him an opportunity with his first ever singing break – Merre Liye. Not only this, but memorable moments were when eminent personalities expressed their wish of getting Faiz to sing and work for them one day as a playback singer. With so much love and luck coming his way, especially from his fans ‘FAIZians’, Mohd Faiz surely made a special mark with his talent and won hearts!

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The Champion of Faiz Superstar Singer 2 Revealed

As a reward for his outstanding talent and hard work, Mohammad Faiz was awarded a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. This substantial amount serves as recognition for his dedication to music and provides him with financial support to further pursue his dreams in the music industry.

Superstar Singer 2 – Top 3 Champions

Mohammad Faiz emerged as the champion, with Mani from Dharamkot securing the second position and Sayisha Gupta from Mohali being announced as the third-place holder in Superstar Singer 2. Find out more about the finalists of this season here.

Mohammad Faiz, hailing from Jodhpur, emerged as the winner of Superstar Singer 2. The runner-up position was secured by Mani from Dharamkot, while Sayisha Gupta from Mohali claimed the title of second runner-up. Pranjal Biswas from West Bengal, Aryananda R Babu from Kerala, and Rituraj also made it to the list of finalists in this popular singing competition.

Who came in second place on Superstar Singer 2?

In the finale of Superstar Singer 2, Mohammad Faiz emerged as the deserving winner. His exceptional talent and captivating performances throughout the competition earned him this prestigious title. Hailing from Jodhpur, Mohammad Faiz showcased his incredible singing skills that impressed both the judges and the audience.

The final list of finalists for Superstar Singer 2 included some extraordinary talents like Mohammad Faiz, Mani, and Sayisha Gupta who left an indelible mark on Indian television with their mesmerizing voices. These young singers serve as an inspiration for aspiring artists across India to pursue their passion for music relentlessly.

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Practical advice or examples:

1) Practice regularly: To excel in any field, including singing, consistent practice is crucial. Set aside dedicated time every day to work on your vocal skills and improve your technique.

2) Seek constructive feedback: Surround yourself with knowledgeable individuals who can provide honest feedback about your singing abilities. Take their suggestions positively and use them to refine your craft further.

3) Explore different genres: Experimenting with various musical styles will help you discover your strengths and find a genre that suits you best. It also allows you to develop versatility as a singer.

What did Mohammad Faiz win?

Along with the trophy, 14-year-old Mohammad Faiz was also awarded with a cheque of INR 15 lakhs from Sony Entertainment Television. Also, each one of the top 6 finalist who have charmed their way into the audience’s hearts through the entire season received a one-year subscription from BYJU’s classes followed by a one-year supply of cheese from Go Cheese respectively.

Mohammad Faiz, the winner of Superstar Singer 2, expressed his immense joy and gratitude upon winning the show. He mentioned that being a part of Superstar Singer 2 was already an achievement in itself. When he initially auditioned for the show, he never imagined that he would not only make it to the top six but also emerge as the winner. The feeling is indescribable and surreal for him; it still feels like a dream. Mohammad Faiz extended his heartfelt thanks to all the viewers and his fans, who showered him with love and votes throughout his journey on the show. He also acknowledged everyone who made this experience special for him, including the judges and his captain Arunita di, who supported him wholeheartedly and guided him towards fulfilling his dream. Participating in Superstar Singer 2 has been an enriching experience for Mohammad Faiz, allowing him to forge lifelong friendships along the way. He expressed extreme delight at getting such an incredible opportunity to showcase his talent on this platform.

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Arunita Kanjilal, the captain of Superstar Singer 2 and mentor to Mohammad Faiz, expressed her excitement by stating that Superstar Singer 2 has been an incredible experience for her. She feels grateful for the opportunity to guide talented young kids and learn from them. Arunita is overjoyed to see Faiz win the title of Superstar Singer 2 and considers it a great honor for both of them. She extends her gratitude to everyone who supported and showed love towards Faiz, making his victory possible. Arunita is proud not only of Faiz but also all the other contestants who impressed with their melodious voices. She wishes them all love, luck, and prosperity in their future endeavors.

The champion of superstar singer 2 will be?

Throughout his journey on Superstar Singer 2, Mohammad Faiz showcased remarkable versatility in his performances. From soulful melodies to high-energy numbers, he effortlessly conquered various genres and left everyone spellbound with his impeccable vocal range. His ability to connect emotionally with each song made him stand out among other talented contestants.

The winner of Superstar Singer 1?

Throughout the season, Prity consistently delivered breathtaking performances that left both judges and audiences spellbound. Her versatility in tackling various genres of music showcased her immense potential as an artist. From soulful ballads to energetic dance numbers, Prity effortlessly conquered every song she performed.

What is the fandom name of Mohammad Faiz?

P.S. The bond between Faiz and his loyal fanbase is truly remarkable. Despite coming from different backgrounds and regions across India, the unity among the Faizians is evident through their shared passion for music and unwavering support for this talented young artist.