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Super Singer Junior 9 Finale

Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale

Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale: Voting details to be revealed shortly; find out how you can support your preferred participant.

New Delhi: The grand finale of ‘Super Singer Junior 9′ concluded with Shreenitha lifting the trophy! Harshini Nethra earned the first runner up trophy and Akshara Lakshmi was declared the second runner up.

The thrilling final episode of Super Singer Junior 9 was held on Sunday, December 10th at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. The competition began in July and featured six talented contestants vying for the coveted title.

Super Singer Junior 9 Champion

According to a popular entertainment website, Shreenitha emerged as the champion of Super Singer Junior 9 and is expected to be awarded a cash prize of Rs 60 lakh along with an impressive trophy.

Super Singer Junior 9: Runner Up of the Grand Finale

Shreenitha emerged as the winner of Super Singer Junior 9, while Harshini Nethra secured the first runner-up position in the grand finale.

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Super Singer Junior 9: Third Place Finisher

Akshara Lakshmi secured the third position in the competition, following Shreenitha and Harshini Nethra.

How to stream the grand finale of Super Singer Junior 9?

– Show: Super Singer Junior

– Episode: 44

– Event: Grand Finale

– Streaming platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale Contestants

The competition began with the first round of auditions, where 20 highly talented singers were selected to compete for the ultimate prize. Today, in the grand finale, we have six finalists: Akshara Lakshmi, Ananyah, Harshini Nethra, Meghna Sumesh, Shreenitha and Richa Syjan.

Super Singer Junior 9: Runner-up Revealed

In the competition, Harshini Nethra secured the second position and was given a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakhs. On the other hand, Akshara Lakshmi came in third place and received a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakhs.


– First runner-up: Harshini Nethra – Cash prize: Rs. 10 lakhs

– Second runner-up: Akshara Lakshmi – Cash prize: Rs. 5 lakhs

Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale: Judges

The final episode of Super Singer Junior 9 featured renowned playback singers KS Chithra, Mano, Malgudi Subha, and Ananth Vaidyanathan. The ultimate winner of the competition was determined through a voting process where the public had the opportunity to cast their votes.

Is it possible to stream Vijay TV online?

In simpler words, Star Vijay is a popular television channel in India that broadcasts various serials (TV dramas) and shows. However, instead of watching them on TV, you have the option to watch them online through a streaming service called Disney+ Hotstar. This allows you to enjoy your favorite Star Vijay programs anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

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Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale: Voting Process

The voting process for Super Singer Junior 9 consisted of two methods. Viewers had the choice to vote by giving missed calls from an Indian phone number to the designated number assigned to each participant. Alternatively, they could also vote by having a subscription to Disney+ Hotstar.

Fans of the show could go to the app’s webpage for the show and register their votes for their favourite contestants. One registered ID could not vote more than 180 times.

The voting window remained accessible until 10 minutes prior to the final competitive performance during the live grand finale of Super Singer Junior 9.

Super Singer 7 Champion: Who emerged as the winner?

In the Super Singer Season 7, a talented young singer named Murugan, also known as Mookuthi Murugan, won the competition. He was part of the team led by Anuradha and Unnikrishnan. As the winner, he received a special prize – a house worth 5 million rupees from Arun Excello.

It is an incredible achievement for both Murugan and Vikram to reach such high positions in this singing competition. They have showcased their exceptional talent throughout the season and have been recognized for their hard work and dedication. Winning these prizes will surely be life-changing for them as they continue to pursue their passion for singing in India.

Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale: How to Watch Online?

You can watch the Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale on Disney+ Hotstar by subscribing to their premium plan.

Shreenitha has emerged as the winner of Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale, with Harshini Nethra securing a close second position.

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Who is Aruna, the super singer of season 9?

Aruna Ravindran, a talented singer known for her soulful renditions of devotional songs, emerged as the winner in the highly anticipated Super Singer Junior 9 Grand Finale. The event was graced by renowned composer Harris Jayaraj, who served as the chief guest for the evening. With great excitement and anticipation filling the air, Aruna was presented with the prestigious trophy by Jayaraj himself.

Who was the fifth finalist on The Voice?

The results of The Voice Season 24 Top 5 are as follows:

1. Huntley – First place

2. Ruby Leigh – Second place

3. Mara Justine – Third place

4. Jacquie Roar – Fourth place

5. Lila Forde – Fifth place

These rankings were announced during the Finale episode on December 19, 2023.

The champion of Super Singer Junior Season 3 is?

Throughout the season, Aajeedh Khalique consistently proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with. His ability to connect emotionally with each song he sang touched hearts across India. From power-packed energetic numbers to soul-stirring melodies, Aajeedh showcased his versatility time after time.