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It is not unexpected that musicians and writers share common traits. Both groups of artists delve into emotions through their craft, whether it be composing songs or creating poems, stories, and memoirs. Here, we have compiled a list of our preferred books written by musicians. So grab a book, play some music in the background, and rediscover your love for these talented individuals once more.

David Byrne: Bicycle Diaries , How Music Works

Patti Smith, a renowned punk poet, singer, and songwriter with a wealth of experiences, has authored several books comprising poems and memoirs. Among her notable works is Woolgathering, published in 2011, which features poems centered around her artistic journey. Additionally, she received the National Book Award for her debut prose book Just Kids. This book chronicles her time in the New York City punk art scene during the 1960s and 1970s as well as her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Bob Dylan: Chronicles

Last year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Dylan is nothing if not one of the most distinctive American voices. Best known for his music (he’s published 36 albums selling over 120 million copies), his literary recognition proves how versatile and influential his work has been across genres. He wrote through times of massive civil unrest in America which resonates with social and political issues still relevant today.

Leonard Cohen: Let Us Compare Mythologies , Beautiful Losers

Leonard Cohen, now renowned as a musical legend, initially began his career as a writer. During his undergraduate years at McGill University, he published Let Us Compare Mythologies, a collection of poetry in 1956. Beautiful Losers marked the end of his novel-writing journey before he ventured into music. This book is filled with folklore and heartbreak and gained recognition much later in his career for its contribution to postmodernist Canadian literature.

Colin Meloy: Wildwood series

This series for young readers, written by the lead singer of the Decemberists and illustrated by his wife Carson Ellis, tells enchanting stories about two children who embark on magical escapades in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. It captures the same level of creativity and whimsy found in his music, with a touch of melancholy that is characteristic of Portland.

John Darnielle: Wolf in the White Van , Universal Harvester

Lead singer of the indie folk rock band the Mountain Goats, John Darnielle writes meticulous, arcing narratives in both song and prose. So it’s little surprise that his first book Wolf in the White Van exploring fiction, fantasy, and trauma was shortlisted for the National Book Award in 2014. His most recent book, Universal Harvester , published earlier this year, is equally adept and chilling, about a creepy Iowa town and a disturbed video store clerk.

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Nick Cave: The Death of Bunny Munro

Australian artist, musician and performance artist, Nick Cave is known for his dark aesthetic and pioneering influence of “gothic rock” in Australia’s post-punk scene. He’s even been called rock music’s “Prince of Darkness”. The Death of Bunny Munro , Cave’s second novel, earned him solid literary cred and follows in step with his musical influences of death, love, and violence as a sleazy salesman and his son take to the open road after his wife’s suicide.

What is a music book?

A music book can encompass various types of books related to music. These include:

– Sheet music: This refers to written or printed musical notation.

– Song book: It is a book containing the lyrics of songs.

– Musical book: This type of book contains the libretto or script of a musical play.

– Choirbook: A choirbook is a large manuscript that was used by choirs during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Josh Ritter: Bright’s Passage

The midwestern singer/songwriter Josh Ritter has been compared to greats like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and is highly praised for his narrative lyric and song writing. Themes of Americana and parable carry over into his debut novel Bright’s Passage , about a WWI soldier guided by an angel, haunted by his wife’s ghost, and followed by his wife’s family as he tries to protect his young son. Stephen King for the NYT even compared Ritter’s style to Ray Bradbury in his prime.

Which musicians have authored books for children in India?

Other music industry giants, including Keith Richards, Madonna, Bob Dylan and David Bowie, have all brought out children’s titles in the last couple of decades – and even McCartney has tried it before. In 2004 he co-wrote High in the Clouds, a book about a squirrel.

Questlove: Mo Meta Blues

Questlove, a highly skilled musician and influential figure in popular culture, has written a captivating book titled Mo Meta Blues. In this memoir, Questlove reflects on his upbringing in Philadelphia as the son of a doo-wop singer, delves into topics such as hip hop and music criticism, explores the complexities of memory, and shares his perspective on being a “post-modern black man with post-modern blues.” With an extensive network of connections within the industry, Questlove offers an awe-inspiring viewpoint on the world around him.

Is a singer considered a musician?

All vocalists possess musical abilities, but not all individuals with musical talents are vocalists (some are instrumentalists, some are composers, etc.). The choice of words is significant. When we mention “singers and musicians” together, it implies—perhaps unintentionally—that they represent distinct and separate categories. In simpler terms, singers should not be considered synonymous with musicians.


1. Singers

2. Musicians who are not singers (e.g., instrumentalists)

3. Composers

Kim Gordon: Girl in a Band

Kim Gordon, a prominent figure in the alternative post-punk music scene of the 80s and 90s with her band Sonic Youth, played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of bands like Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins. In her memoir Girl in a Band, Gordon opens up about her life journey from growing up in California to pursuing various artistic endeavors before eventually settling in New York City where she co-founded Sonic Youth alongside Thurston Moore. The book delves into their storied relationship while offering an unprecedented level of vulnerability from this popular yet enigmatic rock star. With raw honesty akin to her music, Gordon documents her personal growth as an artist, cementing her rightful place in rock history.

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Which country music artist authored a book?

Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer” is a captivating autobiography written by Chely Wright, an accomplished American activist, author, and country music artist. In this memoir, Chely shares her personal journey and experiences from growing up in the heartland of America to becoming a renowned figure in the country music industry.

Chely Wright not only excels as a country music artist but also as an advocate for various causes close to her heart. Throughout “Like Me,” she sheds light on her activism work that aims to create positive change within society. Her dedication towards making a difference serves as inspiration for others looking to use their platform for meaningful impact.

In addition to being an influential figure in both the entertainment industry and activism circles, Chely Wright is also recognized as an accomplished author. With “Like Me,” she showcases her exceptional storytelling skills by painting vivid pictures with words that transport readers into her world. The book offers valuable insights into the trials faced by artists striving for success while navigating personal relationships and societal expectations.

Carrie Brownstein: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

One third of the 90s Pacific Northwest grunge riot grrrl band Sleater Kinney, and the writer and actress in the hit TV comedy Portlandia with Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein is an articulate, fearless author and general badass human being. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a personal account of her rise with Sleater Kinney and the feminist punk movements happening across the globe. Emotionally raw with astute observations, this book is a great meditation on how to follow your bliss in the face of uncertainty.

Steve Martin: An Object of Beauty

In addition to being a skilled musician, the endearing comedian from the popular SNL era is also an accomplished author. Surprisingly enough, he excels not only in acting, singing, and playing the banjo but also in writing. It turns out that his latest book, titled An Object of Beauty, is an intelligent and thought-provoking satire that delves into the New York art scene during the transition into the new millennium while highlighting the perils of unchecked greed.

Jewel: An Armorless Night

Prior to achieving fame as a popular artist who seamlessly blends pop, bluegrass, and country music genres, Jewel dedicated her time to writing heartfelt poems and songs. These compositions were deeply insightful and explored themes of love, heartbreak, and vulnerability. A Night Without Armor is a collection of these personal writings that reminds us why we initially became captivated by her talent.

What do you call a book with music?

In simpler terms, imagine watching a movie without any dialogue or plotline. It would be confusing and hard to follow, right? Well, in musicals, the book serves as that important element which ties everything together. It helps create a cohesive story with characters who have goals and conflicts that drive their actions.

Back in the early 20th Century, most musicals were primarily focused on showcasing either an amazing score or featuring a famous star. However, even then, having a well-crafted book was crucial for creating an engaging experience for audiences.

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– The book in a musical is like its script.

– It connects all the songs together and provides structure.

– It adds drama and storytelling to make sense of the music.

– In older times especially, having a good book was essential for successful musicals.

What is the name for song books?

Songbooks that consist of religious music are commonly referred to as hymnals. These books contain the musical compositions for hymns, which are often sung during religious ceremonies or gatherings. Additionally, there are tune books available that solely focus on providing the musical notation for hymns without any accompanying lyrics.

The purpose of a hymnal is to facilitate congregational singing by offering a comprehensive collection of sacred songs. It allows worshippers to follow along with the music while engaging in prayer or praise. Hymnals often feature a wide range of genres including classical compositions, traditional folk tunes, and contemporary gospel songs. This diversity ensures that people from different cultural backgrounds can find familiar melodies within these collections.

Tune books, on the other hand, cater specifically to musicians who may already be familiar with the lyrics of popular hymns but require assistance with playing them on their chosen instruments. By focusing solely on providing sheet music without words, tune books enable instrumentalists to interpret and perform these beloved melodies according to their own artistic preferences.

What is a music notes book called?

By following the notations on sheet music, instrumentalists can bring melodies and harmonies to life through their chosen instruments. The precise instructions provided on the sheets enable musicians to understand the rhythm, tempo changes, dynamics (such as volume variations), articulations (such as staccato or legato playing styles), and other essential elements necessary for an authentic performance. Sheet music acts as a roadmap that guides musicians throughout their rendition while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

P.S: In India too, sheet music plays an integral role in facilitating musical performances across various genres such as classical Indian ragas or Bollywood film songs. Its universal language transcends cultural boundaries and provides musicians with a standardized method of communication during rehearsals and live shows alike.

Who composes the songs of singers?

A musician who writes songs or creates music for songs is called a songwriter. They are skilled in composing melodies and writing lyrics. Sometimes, they do both tasks together. In classical music and film scoring, the person who writes the music for a song is referred to as a composer.

– A songwriter is a musician who professionally composes musical compositions or writes lyrics for songs.

– The term “composer” is often used in classical music and film scoring when referring to someone who writes the music for a song.

Who composes songs for artists?

The songwriter is the creative force behind a song, responsible for crafting its melodic, harmonic, and lyrical elements. They possess the ability to bring together various musical components to create a cohesive piece of art. While the recording artist may be the one who performs and records the song, it is ultimately the songwriter who shapes its essence.

It is crucial to distinguish between a songwriter and a lyricist. A lyricist focuses solely on writing lyrics for songs without necessarily contributing to other musical aspects such as melody or harmony. Their expertise lies in capturing emotions and storytelling through words, adding depth and meaning to a composition.