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Class 2 Question Answer about Mumbai Musicians

The Mumbai Musicians Class 2 Question Answer

The chapter, ‘ The Mumbai Musicians ‘ is a delightfully enjoyable short story. This wonderful story in Marigold is an adaptation of the story “The Bremen Town Musicians” by Grimm. This chapter tells us a story of four animals – a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock. Through this story, we discover the chapter’s themes of passion, hard-work and wit.

The chapter begins with our first character- Goopu, the donkey. Goopu had worked for several years in a farmer’s house. He had carried many heavy sacks of corn and sugarcane from the farm to the factory. So, due to working for many years, Goopu has now become very old and tired. One day, the kind farmer praised Goopu and told him that he is a good donkey. The farmer gave Goopu a sack of corn and told him to go and see the world before becoming too old.

Exhausted and famished from their long journey, the quartet grew curious when they caught sight of a house with a window. Peering inside, they discovered a tantalizing spread of food on the table. Eager to announce their presence as Mumbai musicians, they decided to serenade the occupants. However, their melodic voices were mistaken for ghostly apparitions by those inside, causing them to flee in haste.

After everyone had left the building, Goopu, Doopu, and Furry entered the house and indulged in a hearty meal until they were completely satisfied.

Answering Questions on NCERT English Class 2 Chapter 8: The Mumbai Musicians

  1. What Did Goopu Do for the Farmer?

Whom did Goopu encounter during his journey to Mumbai?

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While traveling to Mumbai, Goopu encountered a canine companion named Doopu.

The residents of the house fled in fear as they mistook the singing voices of Goopu, Doopu, Furry, and Cuckoo for ghostly apparitions.

Class 2 English Chapter 8, ‘The Mumbai Musicians’ Marks Weightage

The chapter ‘The Mumbai Musicians’ is extremely important for the examination. This chapter carries equal marks as the rest of the other chapters in Marigold. We recommend not to skip this chapter since it is very important and can fetch you higher marks too.

The Mumbai Musicians Class 2 English Chapter 8 Question Answer

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Who were Doopu and Furry?


– Goopu and Doopu asked Furry if he wanted to become a musician with them.

– Furry agreed to join them.

– The three of them set off together.

– Their destination was Mumbai.

– They aimed to pursue careers as musicians there.

The Mumbai Musicians Class 2 Important Questions

Question 2: What did the four animals witness when they entered the house?

The four creatures noticed a table filled with tasty food inside the residence.

The Mumbai Musicians: Unveiling their Tale

While on his journey to Mumbai, Goopu met three other animals – a dog, a cat, and a cock (rooster). These animals also had their own aspirations and dreams. They decided to join forces with Goopu and accompany him on his musical adventure.

Together, the four friends embarked on an exciting journey towards Mumbai where they hoped their talents would be recognized. Little did they know that this trip would bring them not only closer to their dreams but also teach them valuable lessons about friendship and perseverance along the way.

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The Mumbai Musicians is a chapter in the Class 2 English textbook, and there are NCERT Solutions available for it. These solutions help students understand and answer questions related to the chapter.

What was the reason for the farmer advising Gupta to explore the world?

1. The farmer advises Goopu, a good-natured donkey.

2. He suggests that Goopu should travel and explore the world.

3. The reason behind this advice is so that Goopu can enjoy new experiences before growing older.

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What made the farmer joyful?

A farmer is happy when the soil is happy. A healthy and fertile soil is the foundation of the food system that produces healthy produce.

What did Goopu decide to become?

As they set foot in Mumbai, the trio was immediately captivated by the bustling streets and lively atmosphere. The city seemed to pulsate with music at every corner – from street performers strumming guitars to melodious tunes emanating from cafes and concert halls. It was an enchanting world that beckoned them closer towards their aspirations.

Eager to learn from seasoned professionals and immerse themselves in the local music scene, Goopu, Doopu, and Furry sought out opportunities to showcase their talent. They attended open mic nights at popular venues where aspiring artists could perform in front of supportive audiences. These experiences not only allowed them to gain exposure but also helped them connect with like-minded individuals who shared their love for music.

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In addition to honing their skills through live performances, the trio also enrolled themselves in music classes conducted by renowned musicians in Mumbai. Here they learned various techniques and styles while receiving valuable guidance from experts who had made a name for themselves in the industry. The rigorous training sessions pushed them beyond their limits but instilled discipline and perseverance within each musician.

Where did Tara go one day?

1. Tara went to a forest where she met an old woman.

2. The old woman gifted Tara with a magic pot for cooking porridge.

3. The pot had amazing powers as it could produce unlimited amounts of delicious porridge.

4. Tara shared this incredible story with people in Mumbai who became intrigued by the magical pot.

What was the reason for the farmer bringing a baby mongoose inside?

Once upon a time, in a small village near Mumbai, there lived a farmer named Ravi. He was known for his love and care towards animals. One day, while working in the fields, Ravi stumbled upon a baby mongoose who seemed to be abandoned by its mother. Concerned for its safety, he decided to bring it home as a pet.

Ravi had always wanted his son Raju to have a companion while growing up. He believed that having an animal friend would teach him valuable lessons about responsibility and empathy. Excitedly, he brought the baby mongoose into their humble house and introduced it to Raju.

What did the farmer tell his sons answer?

As the news settled in, excitement filled the air. The sons realized that they had been given an incredible opportunity to secure their future. They understood that finding the treasure would require hard work, determination, and unity among themselves.

P.P.S In every step they took across the vast expanse of land, memories of their father guided them like invisible hands pushing them forward towards their goal. Their bond grew stronger as they dug deep into the soil day after day, searching for clues left behind by generations before them.