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Choi Sung Bong, a Singer from Korea

Korean Singer Choi Sung Bong

Korean Singer Choi Sung Bong: A Tale of Resilience and Musical Talent

Early life

Choi Sung Bong successfully completed the qualification exams for elementary and middle school, which allowed him to graduate from Dae-Jeon Art High School. He then pursued further studies in Cultural Art Management at Kyung-Hee Cyber University.

During his troubled youth, Choi claimed he hid at a night school at age 14 to escape area gang members. He learned how to read and write and applied for qualification examinations to pass elementary and middle school and enter high school. With hopes of learning music and spending his school years with friends, he entered Dae-Jeon Art High School. To earn school tuition fee and private lesson fees, he worked at a delivery service, but suffered an injury while working. Choi thought about dropping out of high school, and his music teacher testified that he was often absent because of the underprivileged surroundings. He gained admission to , but due to financial difficulties, was unable to pursue undergraduate education. Instead, he spent his days working as a day laborer.


On 6 June 2011, Choi’s performance of ‘s “Nella Fantasia” on Korea’s Got Talent was received positively. He introduced himself as a manual laborer who had made a living selling gum and energy drinks for ten years. All three judges, , and , were impressed enough with his vocal talent that Choi was advanced to the finals of the competition, finishing second by only 280 votes.


Choi’s performance clip was posted to YouTube and received praise from pop stars , , , several hundred thousand fans on Facebook, as well as political figures such as South Korea’s former president.. One version with English subtitles had triggered international press interest, with claims that Choi was “the next “. As of September 2020 the video has 175,078,474 views.


On 4 June 2011, following his initial appearance on the program, there were allegations that he had hidden the fact that he had completed high school in art. It was claimed that although he faced financial difficulties and could rarely attend classes, he received his diploma out of sympathy.

The production team of KGT clarified that the statement was removed from the film during the editing process. They mentioned that Choi Sung Bong had shared his graduation from art high school at the second local tryout, which was witnessed by judges, crew members, and a large audience. However, KGT later aired a revised version of the show that included this particular statement.

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Choi Sung Bong, a Korean singer, made an announcement in January 2021 that he had cancer and was seeking financial assistance for his new album. However, on October 29th of the same year, Choi confessed to fabricating his cancer diagnosis. In an apology shared with Korean media outlets, Choi admitted that he did not have colon, prostate, thyroid, lung, brain or heart cancer as previously claimed.


On 20 June 2023, Choi Sung Bong tragically took his own life at the age of 33. Prior to his passing, he left a message on his online channel, which has now been removed.

Korean Vocalist Choi Sung Bong

CNN remarked that Choi Sung Bong possesses a commanding baritone voice that seems to come from someone much older and more experienced.


  • Featuring Korea’s Got Talent // Nella Fantasia, Cinema Paradiso
  • Featuring Popera Vocalist Park Jung So Nella Fantasia // Nella Fantasia
  • Featuring Popera Vocalist Park Jung So Because He Lives // Amazing Grace


Choi Sung Bong authored a book called Singing is My Life – Memoir of My Journey from Homelessness to Fame (published in South Korea), which achieved great success as a best-selling publication.

The fate of Choi Sung-bong: What transpired?

It is deeply saddening that this talented individual chose to end his life at such a young age. Suicide is a serious issue that affects many people around the world and should never be taken lightly. It is crucial for society to prioritize mental health awareness and provide support systems for those struggling with their emotional well-being.

Remember: Mental health matters just as much as physical health does. Let us strive together towards creating a more compassionate society where everyone feels supported and valued regardless of their circumstances

Broadcasting and interviews

Choi Sung Bong made appearances on various music shows, documentaries, and talk shows in both South Korea and other countries. He even had the opportunity to be featured alongside Justin Bieber on a Spanish TV program. CNN also conducted an exclusive interview with him, highlighting his inspiring journey. Choi expressed his desire to continue overcoming the hardships he faced over the past 22 years. He considers it a blessing that he no longer has to endure hunger, abuse, or freezing conditions and is determined to keep pushing himself by taking on new challenges and giving his best efforts.

Television shows and interviews

  • Lady Kyunghyang
  • Korean Daily 100°C
  • Woman Sense
  • Woman’s life


3. The Belt Song by the Korea Highway Corporation

Is Choi Sung Won unwell?

Choi Sung Won fought against acute leukaemia from May 2016 and was ultimately declared cancer-free by the end of that year. Despite resuming his acting career in 2017, he faced another round of cancer treatment in November 2020.

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– Choi Sung Won battled acute leukaemia starting from May 2016.

– He was declared cancer-free by the end of the same year.

– In 2017, he resumed his acting career.

– However, in November 2020, he underwent further treatment for cancer.


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Honorary ambassador

Choi served as a representative for Korea, the organization that played a significant role in transforming his own life. He expressed his commitment to not merely encouraging children to have hope and aspirations, but rather providing them with tangible opportunities for a brighter future. Additionally, he held an honorary position at the Chang Dong Social Welfare Center.

Talent donation

Choi Sung Bong expressed that individuals who experience hardship often have emotions that are difficult to put into words. He aspired for his performances to bring comfort and a sense of positivity to those who were in need. His audiences included underprivileged individuals such as single mothers, young people in juvenile custody, and residents of hospice centers.

Does Korea have a talent show like “Got Talent”?

Another important aspect is preparation. Contestants should invest time into perfecting their act before appearing on the show. This includes rehearsing extensively, seeking feedback from mentors or professionals in their field of expertise, and making any necessary adjustments or improvements based on constructive criticism received.


  • Semifinal Winner of Korea’s Got Talent Season 1
  • 9th Candle Award by Pop Culture Critic of College Union
  • New Artist by Foreign Correspondents Club

Who holds the of the most prominent Korean pop star?

In 2023, selecting the top artist for the No. 1 spot was not a difficult task as it usually is. The first-ever Billboard K-Pop Artist 100 list has placed Jung Kook at the forefront. He was an obvious choice due to his immense success as a South Korean musician in the United States last year.


– Picking someone for the No. 1 position is typically challenging.

– However, in 2023, this was not the case.

– The inaugural Billboard K-Pop Artist 100 list ranks Jung Kook at number one.

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The sudden and tragic death of 24-year-old K-pop singer and songwriter Nahee has sent shockwaves through the music community. On November 8, news broke about her untimely demise, leaving fans and industry insiders in disbelief. The cause of her death remains undisclosed by both her family and agency.

The loss of an artist like Nahee serves as a reminder that life can be unpredictable and fragile. It also highlights the importance of cherishing those we admire while they are still with us. As tributes pour in from all corners, it is evident that Nahee will be dearly missed but forever remembered through her music by fans around the world.

The most well-known Korean pop star?

Jungkook, also known as Junkook or Jeon Kenoggul, is a highly acclaimed vocalist and member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS. His talent and charisma have made him one of the most beloved music idols not only in K-pop but across the globe. With his powerful vocals and impressive dance skills, Jungkook has captivated fans worldwide.

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Is Choi Jung won a Korean actress?

Choi Jung-won, a renowned South Korean actress, has gained recognition for her remarkable performances on television. Some of her notable roles include the family drama Famous Princesses (2006), the historical epic The Kingdom of the Winds (2008), the romantic comedy Stars Falling from the Sky (2010), and the medical drama Brain (2011).

Is it possible to pursue a singing career in Korea without becoming an idol?

To pursue a singing career in Korea without being part of the idol system, there are several steps you can take. Firstly, it is crucial to focus on honing your vocal abilities and building a strong repertoire of your own work. This involves practicing regularly and seeking opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

Additionally, attending auditions and showcase events can provide valuable exposure and help you connect with industry professionals. These events often serve as platforms for aspiring singers to demonstrate their talent and potentially catch the attention of music producers or talent scouts.

Networking plays a vital role in any industry, including the music business. Building relationships with individuals already established in the field can open doors for collaborations or even lead to mentorship opportunities. Attending workshops, seminars, or joining online communities dedicated to music enthusiasts can facilitate networking within the Indian music scene.

Considering working with a talent agency or music producer is another avenue worth exploring. Talent agencies have extensive networks that could assist in promoting your skills and securing performance opportunities. Collaborating with experienced producers not only enhances your artistic growth but also increases your chances of creating high-quality recordings that resonate with audiences.

Are Korean actors educated?

Only a few Korean actors/actresses and K-pop idols choose to pursue higher education, with some even dropping out of middle school in order to focus on their training. This decision is often made in order to fully dedicate themselves to honing their skills and preparing for a career in the entertainment industry.

In South Korea, the path towards becoming an actor or idol can be highly competitive and demanding. Many aspiring performers start training at a young age, sometimes as early as elementary school, under the guidance of talent agencies or entertainment companies. These trainees undergo rigorous schedules that include vocal lessons, dance practices, acting classes, and physical fitness training.

Due to the intense nature of this training process and the pressure to succeed within a cutthroat industry, some individuals may feel compelled to prioritize their artistic development over formal education. They believe that investing all their time and energy into perfecting their craft will increase their chances of achieving stardom.